Thursday, 26 January 2017

Removing Lichen from Garden Structures

Not sure what that green, crusty looking stuff on your decking is? 

Chances are it is lichen, a combination of fungi and algae.

Don't like the look of it ? Then get rid of it!

Lichen is found in most parts of the country and is a mixture of algae and fungus living together in a symbiotic relationship.

 Normally it has a green/grey color but it can be yellow, red or even blue depending on the type of algae. Lichen usually grows in damp, shaded areas. With most of the growth occurring in the spring and autumn. It can grow on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Lichen won’t damage your wooden surfaces. It creates its own energy through sunlight and does not take nutrients from the surface it is growing on. That’s why you see lichen on structures that aren’t alive, such as decking or paths.

Just because lichen doesn't cause damage doesn’t mean that you should be obliged to put up with it. Because of its colour, lichen can make your outdoor spaces look old and weathered. Additionally, it holds moisture and can become slippery to walk on.

Lichen on benches can cause staining to your clothes if you sit on it.

Some homeowners have actually renewed their decking or fence panels due to the amount of lichen present.

Thankfully FUZE Products has the answer in Sprayaway Lichen Remover

This amazing product not only controls lichen and algae, but also cleans any green discolouration from the surface.

Sprayaway Lichen Remover Removes Lichen Quickly and Easily
  • A highly effective, cutting edge cleaner for tackling lichen
  • A specially formulated Professional 7:1 concentrate.
  • Simple to use fast-acting formula - spray the product on and leave.
  • Bleach free, non toxic, non-flammable
  • Biodegradable - no need to rinse, scrub or power wash. Product will naturally degrade.
Available HERE

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