Thursday, 8 June 2017

How to Clean a Dog Kennel

 How to Clean a Dog Kennel

Move the dog into a clean, empty run or in a separate holding area before cleaning the kennel (The dog should never be left in the kennel while you hose it down)

Remove all food and water bowls, bedding, toys etc. Soak bowls in disinfectant according to the manufacturers instructions, rinse and air-dry each item prior to reusing (or use a dishwasher).

Launder blankets in a washing machine and keep toys with the same dog throughout its stay, then disinfect or dispose of the toys afterwards.

Remove all solid waste such as faeces and dog hair. Rinse the kennel thoroughly with hot water

Apply the cleaning product/ disinfectant as per the manufacturers instructions, so read the label carefully. Then thoroughly apply the solution to all surfaces of the kennel.

Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the run from ceiling to floor, ensuring that you scrub all surfaces, even areas above the height of the dog. Don’t forget the fronts and backs of kennel doors, hinges, latches, and any surfaces between runs.

Leave cleaning solution to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes (or as per manufacturers instructions) before rinsing down.

Then, thoroughly rinse all surfaces with a steady stream of water, hot if at all possible. Dry the kennel down with a squeegee and allow to ventilate.

Once the kennel is completely dry the food bowls, toys and dog can be returned safely.

More information is available HERE

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How to Kill Moss on Driveways

How to kill moss on driveways

Removing moss from driveways is simple and easy to do. The solution is not expensive and does not cause damage to the substrate .
Tarmac and brick  driveways and paths, whilst looking great and being extremely functional, can rapidly be coated in moss, lichen & algae. The surface is very rough in its construction, which encourages moisture retention and allows moss to start growing.  This moisture provides the 'food' that the moss requires to grow, and an uneven surface provides excellent protection for spores.


Before any treatment we recommend that you  brush the area, preferably with a good stiff broom, to remove as much dirt and loose growth as possible.   If your driveway has weeds then ideally these should be removed too using a weedkiller.


After brushing your driveway, spray the area with Sprayaway Moss Remover.
Generally no rinsing is required, excess product will simply be washed away next time it rains. However for real stone driveways, such as Indian stone it is recommended to rinse with a hosepipe after 20-30 minutes to avoid staining.

The moss should start to turn brown within 24 to 48 hours. Once it has completely died it can be washed away with a power washer or by using a hosepipe and a broom.
Any green discolouration on the driveway should also have been removed.

Once the area has been cleaned and is dry, we advise the application of Sprayaway Seal  as this will kill any remaining moss spores and  provide protection against re-growth of moss for 6 to 12 months.


You should always  keep your driveway clean and remove leaves and anything that causes shade across the area especially during the winter months.


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Caring for your Artificial Grass





Caring for your Artificial Grass

Any home owner with an artificial lawn knows that it lasts for many years. It can easily tolerate foot traffic from pets and children. Routine maintenance should be carried out during the warm months to keep it looking nice whilst remaining safe and bacteria free.

An artificial grass lawn should remain green all year round, however dirt, grime, and pet faeces can dull the colour and degrade that appearance. Soils such as leaves and sticks can be removed easily as can animal mess.

So, how should you clean your artificial lawn from Dog and cat urine, dog hair, wood chips, leaves, litter, dirt and  stains

Can I use brushes and brooms?

The simple answer is yes, but take care - rakes with metal prongs can rip your fine artificial grass. You can use a rake or broom with a plastic tip but not metal prongs.

Your plastic tipped brush or broom should be sufficient for removing dirt. If your turf covers a large area, a leaf blower is effective for dispersing  loose debris. After using a blower, you may still may need to rake over the lawn for any materials trapped in the grass.

Can I power wash artificial grass?

Power washing the turf will clean the artificial grass quickly. Take care not to power wash solids. Pick up any solids including pet faeces before power washing.  Watch out for seeds on the turf, these can sprout and grow into weeds.

Keep the power washer nozzle  at least a foot  away from the artificial turf to avoid damage. Try and angle the nozzle as you spray the turf as this has the effect of fluffing the green blades upright.

If you want, every 2 or 3 months, you can use chemicals such as Artificial Grass Cleaner from FUZE Products in your pressure washer which clean and sanitise the artificial grass. Never use products that contain acid or bleach. Some chemical products can permanently ruin the green look. For example, undiluted bleach will discolour your artificial grass.

For small stains or oil patches try Artificial Grass Spot Cleaner 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Removing Lichen from Garden Structures

Not sure what that green, crusty looking stuff on your decking is? 

Chances are it is lichen, a combination of fungi and algae.

Don't like the look of it ? Then get rid of it!

Lichen is found in most parts of the country and is a mixture of algae and fungus living together in a symbiotic relationship.

 Normally it has a green/grey color but it can be yellow, red or even blue depending on the type of algae. Lichen usually grows in damp, shaded areas. With most of the growth occurring in the spring and autumn. It can grow on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Lichen won’t damage your wooden surfaces. It creates its own energy through sunlight and does not take nutrients from the surface it is growing on. That’s why you see lichen on structures that aren’t alive, such as decking or paths.

Just because lichen doesn't cause damage doesn’t mean that you should be obliged to put up with it. Because of its colour, lichen can make your outdoor spaces look old and weathered. Additionally, it holds moisture and can become slippery to walk on.

Lichen on benches can cause staining to your clothes if you sit on it.

Some homeowners have actually renewed their decking or fence panels due to the amount of lichen present.

Thankfully FUZE Products has the answer in Sprayaway Lichen Remover

This amazing product not only controls lichen and algae, but also cleans any green discolouration from the surface.

Sprayaway Lichen Remover Removes Lichen Quickly and Easily
  • A highly effective, cutting edge cleaner for tackling lichen
  • A specially formulated Professional 7:1 concentrate.
  • Simple to use fast-acting formula - spray the product on and leave.
  • Bleach free, non toxic, non-flammable
  • Biodegradable - no need to rinse, scrub or power wash. Product will naturally degrade.
Available HERE

Friday, 20 January 2017

Cleaning up a Concrete Spill

When you are working on a concrete project such as pouring a foundation, laying a patio or building a planter, there will be instances when you accidentally spill concrete in unwanted places. Depending on the condition of the concrete, clean up differs slightly. Wet concrete is more easily cleaned up than set concrete.
Things you will need 
 Wet Concrete
  1. If the concrete is still damp, douse it with water liberally to dilute it. Fill a bucket full of water and pour it directly onto the spill.
  2. Scrape up the concrete with a plastic putty knife whilst continuing to dilute it with water. Scrape vigorously to remove the moistened cement, throwing the spilled pieces into another bucket.
  3. Using a stiff-bristled brush, remove any remaining wet concrete. Cover with water if necessary to lift all the wet concrete.Continue to brush, adding water until the spill is gone.
  Dried Concrete
  1. Pour Fuze Products Concrete Remover onto the dried concrete and allow it to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes. This product will react with the dried concrete  and turn it into a gel.
  2. Break up any remaining residue with a stiff bristled brush or chisel. Start from the top of the spill and work toward the bottom. Do not start at the bottom or you may chip or scratch the floor underneath.
  3. If necessary add more Concrete Cleaner and repeat the process, then clean down the area with fresh water using a hosepipe or bucket

     Purchase Concrete Remover HERE
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Monday, 24 October 2016

Polycoat Polymer Seal

PolyCoat 22 from Natech Ltd

Natech Polycoat products are water based, dry in place  reactive pre-treatment coatings. They suitable for all types of metals. Coatings can be air or force dried.
Coating thickness various according to application technique, but is generally in the range 100 to 200 angstroms. Coatings are a mixed oxide nano layer bound in an inert polymer film. This prevents occlusions and other coating defects from adversely affecting corrosion performance.


Polycoat Before Paint          900 Hours Salt Spray


Polycoat is an excellent choice for short pre-treatment lines where the very best in salt spray performance is required, and where parts can be very variable in terms of cleanliness. It is suitable for all metal types.
This technology typically runs at 0.5% to 1% v/v and ambient temperatures,  so gives excellent economy. It is also suitable for use in tanks that are not heated. The product works perfectly in either spray or dip tanks, giving the end user maximum versatility.
Polycoat comes into its own on short lines where variable parts are being processed. The technology is very versatile when it comes to part cleanliness. Polycoat will give good results on parts that are reasonably clean without any initial pre-clean. As such it is ideal for a single stage pre treatment process such as through a pressure wash gun.


Polycoat extends the capability of a 3 stage pre-treatment  line greatly in terms of salt spray and humidity performance. Expect Cold Rolled Steel to achieve upwards of 1000 hours B117 neutral salt spray. Aluminium castings and galvanised steel up to 1500 hours and aluminium up to 3000 hours. Thus it brings zinc phosphate performance to single stage pre treatment.
Polycoat contains no heavy metals and is completely biodegradable. It does not offer any environmental hazard. Polycoat offers unrivalled safety for users.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Everyone's talking about Biostrip!...4 years on

"EVERYONE'S talking about Biostrip!"

So here we are - 4 years on and we are still being talked about. 

And its no wonder...with worldwide customers visiting our website and making the switch to Biostrip from traditional hazardous stripping products, it's easy to see why so many people are keen to spread the word.

Our unique formulae  has seen an end to the need for toxic alternatives; water-based yet repeatedly proven in bench tests to outperform competitor products, fast-acting, mess-free,  non-toxic and safer for users, nearby children or pets.

During the last four years we have continued to develop our range of products and make improvements to the original. 
They are available for purchase on our FUZE Products website as well as Ebay and Amazon

So what are people saying about Biostrip products that they've purchased, and what do they think of them?

On arrival I was not impressed, but thought I would give it a try. Thickly painted the area to strip late one evening and to my suprise the following morning the old paint washed off.

best stripper that i have ever seen. and i have seen a lot

Stripped my outside garden table. Good result

 Very prompt delivery. Bought this for stripping paint from plastic and resin wargaming miniatures and it works a treat. A 500ml tub will last for ages, there's only a very slight smell (which doesn't stay on the models), it doesn't appear to damage plastic/resin and it is very effective. Thumbs up!

STILL not convinced?

Then click HERE to be taken to our ebay shop and view the hundreds of comments left by our dozens of delighted customers across the world, and you'll see why Biostrip is fast becoming the number one name in high-performance, solvent-free, water-based paint removal.