Monday, 6 June 2016

Everyone's talking about Biostrip!...4 years on

"EVERYONE'S talking about Biostrip!"

So here we are - 4 years on and we are still being talked about. 

And its no wonder...with worldwide customers visiting our website and making the switch to Biostrip from traditional hazardous stripping products, it's easy to see why so many people are keen to spread the word.

Our unique formulae  has seen an end to the need for toxic alternatives; water-based yet repeatedly proven in bench tests to outperform competitor products, fast-acting, mess-free,  non-toxic and safer for users, nearby children or pets.

During the last four years we have continued to develop our range of products and make improvements to the original. 
They are available for purchase on our FUZE Products website as well as Ebay and Amazon

So what are people saying about Biostrip products that they've purchased, and what do they think of them?

On arrival I was not impressed, but thought I would give it a try. Thickly painted the area to strip late one evening and to my suprise the following morning the old paint washed off.

best stripper that i have ever seen. and i have seen a lot

Stripped my outside garden table. Good result

 Very prompt delivery. Bought this for stripping paint from plastic and resin wargaming miniatures and it works a treat. A 500ml tub will last for ages, there's only a very slight smell (which doesn't stay on the models), it doesn't appear to damage plastic/resin and it is very effective. Thumbs up!

STILL not convinced?

Then click HERE to be taken to our ebay shop and view the hundreds of comments left by our dozens of delighted customers across the world, and you'll see why Biostrip is fast becoming the number one name in high-performance, solvent-free, water-based paint removal.

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