Monday, 24 October 2016

Polycoat Polymer Seal

PolyCoat 22 from Natech Ltd

Natech Polycoat products are water based, dry in place  reactive pre-treatment coatings. They suitable for all types of metals. Coatings can be air or force dried.
Coating thickness various according to application technique, but is generally in the range 100 to 200 angstroms. Coatings are a mixed oxide nano layer bound in an inert polymer film. This prevents occlusions and other coating defects from adversely affecting corrosion performance.


Polycoat Before Paint          900 Hours Salt Spray


Polycoat is an excellent choice for short pre-treatment lines where the very best in salt spray performance is required, and where parts can be very variable in terms of cleanliness. It is suitable for all metal types.
This technology typically runs at 0.5% to 1% v/v and ambient temperatures,  so gives excellent economy. It is also suitable for use in tanks that are not heated. The product works perfectly in either spray or dip tanks, giving the end user maximum versatility.
Polycoat comes into its own on short lines where variable parts are being processed. The technology is very versatile when it comes to part cleanliness. Polycoat will give good results on parts that are reasonably clean without any initial pre-clean. As such it is ideal for a single stage pre treatment process such as through a pressure wash gun.


Polycoat extends the capability of a 3 stage pre-treatment  line greatly in terms of salt spray and humidity performance. Expect Cold Rolled Steel to achieve upwards of 1000 hours B117 neutral salt spray. Aluminium castings and galvanised steel up to 1500 hours and aluminium up to 3000 hours. Thus it brings zinc phosphate performance to single stage pre treatment.
Polycoat contains no heavy metals and is completely biodegradable. It does not offer any environmental hazard. Polycoat offers unrivalled safety for users.

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